Winter NAMM Was Virtual & Pretty Cool

I spent several hours in the virtual hub that was Winter NAMM and I have to say, it went better than I expected. There were some great interviews by (friend of the BigScotty Podcast) Jefferson Graham with two of my favorite musicians in the world, Nathan East and Chic Corea. There were lots of gear announcements (of course) and tons of free seminars.

Some of the seminars were VERY basic. But there were also some that were very deep and well done.

Overall, given the circumstances, I don't see how the folks at NAMM could have done a better job. Moving everything online is always hard. Harder still for a show like NAMM which is VERY dependent on networking. But they pulled it off.

I miss not being able to spontaneously chat with the vendors and of course not being able to put my hands on the actual gear, but I fully expect next year's Winter NAMM will be back to normal. That said, I have several friends who hope that NAMM will consider doing both - i.e., at least SOME online components and live components since not everyone can make the trip to Anaheim - even in non-pandemic years.

So congrats to everyone involved and thanks for the hard work!


93,226 Attendees

1,227 Brands

Nearly $500,000 in Donations Raised

33,379 International Attendees

187 Countries and Territories

768 Brand Events

611 Hours of Content

36 Hours of Livestream

983 Sessions and Events

391 Speakers

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