The BigScotty Music Podcast Is Evolving

Effective with the next episode I am re-focusing and re-branding the BigScottyMusic podcast.

While I play both guitar and bass, over the course of the pandemic I have been almost exclusively a bassist. By focusing my practice and writing time around one instrument I have been able to greatly improve my musical prowess.

Looking back on the 12 episodes that have been published so far, those that seem to get the most traction were the shows I did on bass guitar. They say you should podcast about what you are truly passionate about and for me that is bass. So I am going to rename the show "Bass Galaxy" and all future shows will be bass-focused.

I know this may disappoint a few of you and for that I apologize. But I need to be authentic and I have decided I am a bassist so the podcast (and the blog eventually) will focus mostly on bass. I say mostly because much of what I have covered and plan to cover can apply to guitar as well. For instance an article on instrument cables would apply to both.

Starting this month, the show will be delivered on the second Friday of each month. I am reverting to a monthly format so I have time to produce a quality show. Publishing every two or three weeks was just too much in too little time.

The next episode will air on Friday the 15th. Thanks to everyone who has listened and subscribed. I hope you will enjoy the new format.


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