The Big Scotty Music Studio

Okay, let's go back in time to a little more than a year ago when I moved and downsized into a new but smaller home in a more remote area. Then the pandemic hit and I needed to convert a much smaller area than I'd like into a mini recording studio. It's not perfect but it works for me.

I have used Clearsonic Sorber panels to stop sound reflection. That plus the carpet and the triple-layer, sound-proof drapes give me a fairly dead room. I don't want it to be completely dead so I think I came to within 90% of my goal here.

I have two workstations. One is a standing desk I can raise or lower and I use it for my main keyboard; a Juno DS. I have a MacBook Pro and an iPad Pro there on that desk along with drives, and a spare mic in case I need to mic an amp, etc.

You may notice the black box on a stand to the left of the first workstation. This is my room humidifier. It's important to keep the humidity in a decent range so the instruments aren't negatively impacted by humidity or lack thereof.

Under the first workstation is my guitar pedal board. Next to it is my Orange practice amp and one of my favorite guitars, the Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass, made in California.

The second workstation houses my iMac Pro, 10TB G-Drives, Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 interface, Presonus near-field monitors, Zoom, L-8 mixer, Midiplus controller and I use the CalDidgit for interfacing various other peripherals. There is an iPhone holder to the right of the iMacPro screen which normally holds my iPhone but I used that iPhone to make these quick grab shots. I have a variety of DAWs on this computer including Apple Logic and many VST and AU plug-ins.

I have an LED light in the corner that I am using when I make videos, and then there is my table full of doodads and junk as well as my cool guitar lamp. I have various brands of headphones laying around although for the money, I prefer my Phillips with ventilated neodymium drivers.

I have my beloved Aguilar SL 210 400 watt, 2x10 cab connected to my Aguilar Tone Hammer 500. This is the best amp/cab I have ever owned.

In front of my amp/cab is my bass guitar pedal board. Next up I have several basses I am using for a current project, and along the back of the room I have some more basses in a rack. I cannot fit all the guitars / basses I own into this room, so I rotate them in and out depending on what I am working on.

In the picture (on the maple stands) are: Ibanez SR2400 - probably my second favorite long-scale bass - my Musicvox Spaceranger which is one of my favorite short-scale basses. I have done some work on this guitar to make it a great player. Sounds great too and that odd crook in the body makes it super comfortable to play sitting down - next is my new favorite long-scale bass, the venerable Fender American Ultra Jazz bass. It is in a league of its own. Next to that I have my Epiphone Thunderbird Pro which is a bass that is a whole lot better than it has a right to be at the price I paid for it. In the corner (inside a gig bag) I have a Fender American Mustang short scale bass. In the rack I have my boutique Backlund Rockerbox medium scale bass. It's the only medium scale I own and it's one of the coolest looking guitars on the planet. Up next I have the least expensive bass I own but it's a fun travel bass. Plays well too. It's the Spector Performer 4. The next bass in the rack is the Sire Marcus Miller U5. It's also one of my favorite short scale basses and was super inexpensive given the quality. My favorite short scale bass is next in line. The Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay is a a super high-quality, American made bass that plays like a Strat. Last but not least on the rack is a bit of a novelty but I do enjoy playing it when I need a certain sound. It's the Danelectro Longhorn short scale bass.

I have several guitars and bass guitars not shown in these pictures. Like I said, I rotate them in and out depending on the project I am working on.

I am always adding more guitars but doubt I'll add more studio gear other than additional plug-ins.

If you have questions about any of these instruments or my setup, just send me an email to and I'll try to answer as best I can.

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