NBD - Spector Euro 4

It's NBD - New Bass Day - AGAIN! This time it's the real deal. I have always wanted a hand-crafted European bass to compliment my Fender American Ultra. The Spector Euro4XL (in striking Trans Black Stain Matte finish) is such a bass. It's actually the most expensive bass I've ever purchased, but I think it's worth it.

Spector got its start in 1976. The brand became famous when Sting started using a white Spector bass on tour and posed with it in many photographs. Like most guitar companies that were founded in the 70s, the company has changed hands several times, but is still true to its roots. Korg bought the company in 2019 and has been able to guarantee worldwide distribution of these fine basses.

I first started paying attention to these instruments when I saw Sting with one. Then I found out Doug Wimbish was one of their ambassadors and he's one of my favorite bass players having been with a wildly diverse group of musicians covering everything from rap and funk and even rock when he took over for Bill Wyman in the Rolling Stones.

Spector basses are extremely comfortable and the fully carved body with a three piece maple neck using neck-through construction (meaning it's not bolted on as per usual - instead it runs through the entire guitar body offering tons more sustain) sounds amazing. Add to that very high-end components like EMG pups and great hardware plus an active/passive circuit and you have a winner.

On this particular instrument, the body is European Alder and the top is North American Maple.

I like the rosewood fingerboard which even adds more sustain. In fact everything about this bass seems to be focused on increasing the sustain which leads to a fuller/fatter sound. There's a zinc brass alloy bridge and brass nut, which - you guessed it - adds sustain (and stability.)

The mother-of-pearl Crown fingerboard inlays are cool looking as is the matte finish.

Spector has three main factories. One in Asia for their more affordable line (which is very good by the way) and one in the Czech Republic where this bass is made. There is also a US-based shop which essentially makes the same bass, although with slightly more expensive wood and a great deal more expensive price tag. Both the US and European factories pump out hand-made instruments.

The luthiers in the Czech Republic have a reputation for fine craftsmanship and it shows in this bass.

Owning a hand-crafted instrument like this one is a privilege - I am very lucky to be in a position to have this guitar in my collection and I intend to honor it with many hours of music.

NOTE: I'll be updating this post with more pictures next week.

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