My Favorite Guitar Stand

I prefer to keep my guitars in their cases and cared for with my Boveda humidity control kit but when I want to photograph a guitar or I am keeping it out of the case for a while because I am going to play it, my favorite guitar stand is the Zither Wooden Guitar Stand.

I have the maple version but it also comes in cherry, mahogany, walnut, padauk, red oak and purple heart finishes.

The maple version retails for $149.99 and at that price, its cost is four to five times what the traditional metal stand costs, but in my opinion, the Zither stand is worth the money.

The guitar stand allows for 38.5" (by my measurement) of clearance so it should fit nearly any guitar. These stands are handcrafted and made in the USA.

The stand came well-packed and all that is needed to install it is five minutes and a Phillips head screwdriver.

The installation is very simple. It involves screwing in the neck cradle and affixing the bottom of the stand to the arm. I am usually not good at this sort of thing but it was a breeze for me so it will be even easier for most of you.

I do have one piece of advice. The screws and small parts you need to construct the stand are in a small plastic bag that was hard to open. When I did open it stuff went flying everywhere so make sure you are in a contained space where if that happens to you, you won't find yourself missing critical parts. I did have a washer go missing and the company was extremely helpful, called me on the phone, verified my address and offered to send me a replacement free of charge. And they did it with a smile. Now that is good customer service.


If you think this is an expensive stand (I do not) then you need to realize this is a very high quality piece of merchandise. The stand is constructed of solid wood - NOT that cheap particle board you see everywhere else. In theory, the stand should probably outlive me. The finish is beautiful and in order to keep it that way, Zither includes some free lemon oil. They say once a week the wood should be treated during the first month and then monthly thereafter to keep the wood from cracking or splitting. It should also be noted that this process should make the wood look even better as it ages.

I am not usually swayed by how a product looks, rather, I want it to work well and consider how pretty it is to be secondary. However i n this case, I have to admit the Zither stand is absolutely beautiful. This doesn't diminish in anyway the fact that it works and works well. I have hung several guitars in this stand and all fit well. The stand did its job. Every time. And if it doesn't work for you? The stand comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

I much prefer looking at my guitar on this stand to looking at it on one of those cheap, $20 stands you buy at Guitar Center.


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