Guitars I Love - Danelectro ’59 Divine

Let's start with the specs:

Flame Maple, Maple on Front and Back of Body

Binding Front and Back of Body

Double cutaway Shorthorn shape

Semi-hollow body with center block

Composite/solidwood construction

Walnut top and back

Scale length: 25”

Fretboard radius: 14”

Neck Shape: C

Nut: 1.65” Bone nut

Neck Joint: Bolt-on

Neck Wood: Maple with double acting trussrod

Fretboard: Pau Ferro

Number of frets: 21

U3 intonatable saddled bridge

Tuner: 3 on a side Gotoh Headmachine

Hardware: Chrome

2 Vintage single Lipstick® bridge and neck pickup

2 stacked Volume and Tone pots

3-way pickup switch

I added the Danelectro 59 Divine to my collection recently and I am super glad I did. I have some pretty valuable guitars and I will continue to add more to my collection, but one of my pals (Scott Kelby) has 47 guitars which bring him a great deal of joy and he's proud of the fact that most of them cost less than $1000.

I already have a Danelectro Baritone Black Metal Flake guitar and it is about the least expensive guitar I own. But I probably play it way more often than most of my more expensive guitars. Danelectro instruments are for players. If you want something to play, and just have fun, they are a great choice. You don't risk much money and in return you get hours of fun and who knows, maybe you can also call it art for your walls.

The fact that Danelectro guitars are often "out there" in terms of their design and construction makes them immediately appealing to me. I do NOT want the same guitar everyone else has. And I am okay if people make fun of my less expensive guitars. I don't like guitar snobs nor do I hang out with them so I don't care what they think.

I DO care how these guitars look and sound and play. And I give the entire line an A+ on all those counts. Throw into the equation that they are all very affordable and it's a win/win.

The '59 Divine is actually the most expensive Danelectro I have seen, but even with my mods (I had a TUSK nut installed, Plek system install and added a hard case) the whole thing still came in at around $1000 with tax and shipping. That's a bargain price for a guitar that is this much fun to play and looks this good.

The '59 Divine was originally launched by the company back in 1959 as the "Deluxe." It has the famous Danelectro lipstick pickups, an adjustable bridge, front and back binding and Gotoh vintage 15:1 tuners.

It's a blast to play and the pickups let loose with warm lows, searing mids and very sweet highs.

I can get lost playing this guitar for hours and when I hook it up to some vintage effects boxes like the Danelectro Eisenhower Fuzz or the one-of-a-kind, Danelectro Back Talk Delay I can go even longer. It also sounds super sweet when plugged into the EHX Small One Chorus.

There is just a special sound that comes from these guitars. You won't hear it anywhere else. They are quirky but in a good way. Every day I play one I like it better than the day before. I love the looks of this particular guitar and the usual complaints you hear about inexpensive guitars aren't an issue here. Granted, I took care of the two biggest potential complaints people tend to have about inexpensive guitars. Nut and fretwork. I replaced the metal nut with a tusk nut and the fretwork is now spotless because I paid for the Plek treatment. But everything else is stock and the reason I left it stock is that I like the remaining pieces just as they are. The fretboard is nice. The tuners are actually very good. The Lipstick pups are famous and I wouldn't dream of replacing them. It's really a fun little guitar.

I should also add that one thing I really like about the Danelectro models is that they are light. Lightweight guitars are easier to play for me with my arthritis issues. I almost always have one of the Danelectro guitars on a stand nearby and being so light weight, I can just grab one and go to town for a few extra minutes of practice.


If you are attracted to something other than the standard Les Paul or Strat guitar bodies, look at Danelectro. Guitar playing is supposed to be fun. Danelectro realizes that and delivers lots of fun for the money, especially with this model, the 59 Divine.

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