Guitars I Love - D'Angelico Deluxe 175

When your guitars have been exhibited at the famed New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, it's a given that they are special.

Such is the case with D'Angelico guitars.

I have long admired the D'Angelico brand. I have only recently obtained one for my collection. These are well-designed and built guitars that pay homage to a history of John D'Angelico, the luthier who started it all.

These guitars inspire passion both in how they look and how they play.

The Deluxe 175 in Matte Rose Gold is a worldwide, limited edition instrument. Only 50 were made. They feature gold-colored hardware, an iconic head stock bearing the D'Angelico logo in Mother of Pearl.

The attention to detail in this instrument is pretty much unlike anything I have ever seen. The fit and finish exceed expectations. I didn't expect a $2000 guitar to feature such prominent workmanship.

I am in love with every part of it from the head stock's three-ply, cream binding, to the Grover Super Rotomatic locking tuners, a tusq nut, medium-jumbo frets, TV Jones Da’Tron pickups based on the renowned Filter’Tron pickups with six-way switches, a comfortable C-shaped neck and a B-30 Bigsby vibrato.

While beauty in a guitar is always subjective, I believe this may be the most beautiful guitar I have ever seen.

Now let's get down to business and talk about the two things that stand out beyond the instrument's appearance.


The C-shaped, three-piece neck comes with a satin finish over an ebony fingerboard. There's something about the slimmer neck, combined with the satin finish - it feels like my fingers run across it like a hot knife cutting into butter. It's an extremely playable neck. I had Sweetwater (where I bought it) set it up so the action is low and I put took off the stock 11s and replaced them with 9s for even better playability.


The other thing that I love is the sound. It of course sounds great playing jazz but is surprisingly versatile. The pickups deliver great clarity but with a little boom in the low-end. Famous for being some of the first true rock-and-roll pickups, these pickups bring an elevated resonance and balance to the guitar's tone.

I haven't quite figured out how to take advantage of the coil-splitting switches but I will.

The guitar is wide and slightly heavy which for me, is a good thing since I am both wide and heavy. In other words, it fits me well.


I feel very lucky to have one of only 50 of these guitars and will lovingly play it weekly. I play all the guitars in my collection even knowing that it potentially makes them less valuable. Guitars - especially guitars like this - are made to be played. I am good with that.


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