Gator Frameworks Guitar Seat & Stand - Quick Look

(A Place To Rest Your Guitar - and your butt)

Every once in a while, I come across a product and ask "Why didn't I think of that?" The Gator Frameworks Guitar Seat and Stand is such a product. It's even more rare but in this case, it's a truly amazing product.

I wanted to improve my posture while practicing so I remembered that decades ago, my first guitar teacher always played while sitting on a stool. He sat on the front edge of the stool and used a rung on the bottom of the stool to rest one of his feet.

I decided to look for a stool, but found much more. The Gator Frameworks Guitar Seat & Stand is, as the title implies, a stool AND a stand, rolled into one. And it's VERY well designed, well executed and just the thing I was looking for and it costs less than $70.

Here are the basic specs:

  • Guitar performance seat with built-in guitar stand. Holds acoustic, Electric and bass guitars

  • Collapsible design with quick release pin for compact storage

  • Durable, padded seat cushion with removable ergonomic backrest

  • Some minor assembly required, Hardware included.The contoured cradle is designed to hold your guitar securely while the finish-friendly

At less than $70, this is a real bargain when you take into account these specs. What the specs do not tell you is that it has a lot of utility. You can transport it easily or slide it under the couch or in a corner, when you want to get it out of your way, and it has a comfortable cushion. The backrest is removable in case you're more old school.

It's also WAY sturdier than I expected it to be. It's built VERY well and claims a weight capacity of 300 pounds. I am just under 6'2" and a little lighter than 300 lbs (not much) and it holds me just fine. It fits me well and is very comfortable to sit on. That last part's important because if it weren't comfortable, it would reduce my incentive to practice, which is something I really need to do a lot more often.

I can sit on this stool for a couple of hours and play to my heart's content. My arthritis precludes me from playing for much longer than that at one sitting, but at least the stool isn't the problem. It's more like the solution.

It's great for the practice room or for people who gig in small places like coffee shops and need a place to rest their butt and/or their guitar.

Highly recommended!

Check the best price on Amazon.

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