Big Scotty Music Guitar Podcast #10

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

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My guest on this episode is Nick Kochanek from Sweetwater and we discuss buying guitars online and what it's like to work at one of the biggest music retail outlets on the globe.

If you need help purchasing musical instruments or pro-audio gear, Nick is my personal salesman at Sweetwater and he has always treated me right. There is no affiliate deal here, and Sweetwater didn't pay for this endorsement. I just really like doing business with them and I think they exemplify everything a great company should be.

I'll be back with another episode of the podcast in three weeks.

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UPDATE: I was honored to find out that none other than Chuck Surack, founder and top boss at Sweetwater listened to the show and he let me know that Sweetwater sells - get this - 1000 guitars a day!!! They have seven million customers. NOBODY builds a business like that unless they have all the right stuff. Thanks for listening, Chuck and keep up the good work.

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