Big Scotty Guitar Podcast 4

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Big Scotty Guitar Podcast 4

In today's episode of the Big Scotty Guitar Podcast, I will deviate from my normal approach for something very special. My guest for this episode is Richard Sibbald. (

Richard is the photographer who spent two years with Geddy Lee photographing Lee's extensive, vintage, bass collection. They traveled together, met with top talent like John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin); Adam Clayton (U2); Robert Trujillo (Metallica); Jeff Tweedy (Wilco); Bill Wyman (The Rolling Stones) and more. The result is one of the most beautiful coffee table books I have ever seen (see separate review coming this week.) The book is called "Geddy Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass" ( and I highly recommend it.

Richard gives us an insider's view of the project and what it's like to hang out with the front man from one of the world's biggest super groups.

I think you'll find the conversation enjoyable. If you do, please be sure to share this episode with your friends.

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