Bass Galaxy Podcast II - Feb/2021

Welcome to the Bass Galaxy Podcast for February, 2021

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Today I am going to be talking with Dariush Rad who is the man behind the Asterope cable company. They make the best cables I've ever used on my bass amp and we'll talk about why and how the right cable makes a difference in your setup. But first, I'll cover the news.

Today we're going to start off the show with a mention of the passing of Chick Corea. Mr. Corea was not a bass player but he worked with some of the best bass players in the business and he inspired them and many more with his musical prowess. Speaking of his friend, Mr. Stanley Clarke said "He was the best all around musician that I’ve ever stood shoulder to shoulder with."

Chick Corea was 79 and died of Cancer.

Moving on to happier news. NAMM held its Winter event the way that most events are happening these days, virtually. And there was lots of bass news.

The show garnered almost 100,000 virtual attendees and there was lots of great music, conference sessions and interviews. Friend of the show Jefferson Graham did an interview with bass master Nathan East that revealed Mr. East to be a quiet, humble yet very gifted man. That interview was the highlight of the show for me.

Spector introduced the NS Dimension and NS Ethos Basses

Jackson Guitars introduced the X Series Concert Bass CBXNT DX IV which appears to be an amalgamation of several vintage basses.

Fender Unveiled the Limited Edition Boxer Series Precision Bass

Sandberg Guitars Launched the Martin Mendez Signature Bass

Charvel introduced the Pro-Mod San Dimas Basses.

Aria Guitars introduced the Jet-B model.

Ibanez Adds Short Scale Models to EHB Headless Bass Lineup

Finally, Gene Simmons has collaborated with Gibson on a joint venture called G². It will kick off later this year with the G² Thunderbird Bass

EMG Unveiled its Les Claypool Signature Pickups, Adds Finishes to Trujillo Signature Pickups

Aguilar Announced its DCB P and J Style Pickups

And Phil Jones Bass Announced the PE-5 Bass Preamp

I mentioned last month that I was going to cover some bass pedals. I have purchased or tried almost all the well-known "bass" pedals and I have to admit that I still use some of my "guitar" pedals alongside the dedicated bass pedal lineup.

I love all the pedals from Aguilar and have their complete lineup in the silver anniversary edition. The standout for me in that group would be the FilterTwin and the Grape Phaser. I think they produce a more complete tone than I have found available in other pedals while accomplishing one other very important thing - they are easy to use. I have tried some of the very fancy setups but I am an old man and I have to admit that most of them are just too advanced for me to figure out. I want a simple pedal. If it has lots of features I want lots of presets and I'll play around with it as long as I like the presets.

As for my pedal board, it's powered with the Strymon Zuma. It's the cleanest power source I've found, is flexible and very well-made right here in the USA. It's not cheap, but I think it's worth it. And speaking of Strymon, one of my favorite bass pedals isn't a bass pedal at all. It's the Strymon Big Sky reverb. I've tested many reverbs but nothing beats the Big Sky in my opinion. It has tons of great presets and while many of you don't use pedals at all, at least consider giving the Big Sky a try because it is gorgeous. You can always add reverb in post. I get that. But there's something about playing through the reverb live to inspire your playing. At least for me. I also use the Canyon echo unit and the Gamechanger Plus sustain pedal.

One thing I want to mention is that with pedals, you really need to experiment with the order of the pedals on your board. When placing my Aguilar pedals on my Temple Audio board I found that I can get away without using a noise gate if I put them in just the right order. Lots of hours spent in trial and error but it was worth it. What's your favorite pedal? Leave me a comment and I'll check it out.

Okay now stay tuned for the interview with Dariush Rad. You're gonna be blown away by how much difference the right cable can make.


I want to thank Mr. Rad for coming on the show. If you have someone who you'd like to see on the podcast or if you'd like to be featured, send me an email to

That's it for today. I'll be back in March with another edition of the Bass Galaxy Podcast. Thanks for listening

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