Frequently asked questions

Can you explain how your guitar barter system works?

BigScottyMusic acts as a broker between two parties who want to trade. If you have a fine guitar that you would like to trade for a watch, car, jewelry or other collectibles, just email bigscottymusic@gmail.com and tell us what you have and what you are looking for. We will reach out to our network and let you know within three business days if we have a match. If we do not, we will keep your info on file for up to 90 days and notify you if we discover what you are looking for. We inspect all trade items, and guarantee that each party receives the item they bargained for. We do NOT warranty that the items are of any specific value or worth. That is between the two parties to negotiate. We charge a 7% commission on all transactions. Each party pays half of this to BigScotty in cash in return for fascilitating the deal. Please note that we do not arrange barter for junk. If you have an instrument worth less than $750 we will not be able to help you. Likewise if you have something to trade for an instrument, it has to have a street value of at least $750 to be considered. Where one party brings more value to a trade than the other, the remainder can be made up with a negotiated amount of cash to make sure the deal is fair and balanced. All parties have to submit a photo copy of their driver's license, front and back. All items will be shipped to the address on the driver's license. There can be no exceptions. Email us to let us know if you are interested and we will try to help. In order to barter with us, you must be in the Continental USA and at least 18 years of age..

Do you buy guitars?

Yes we do but not very often. If you have a fine guitar that is very rare or special in some way, we may be interested in purchase. If you have a guitar that is not rare or special, but you are willing to sell it wholesale (meaning we will give you approximately 50% of the street value of the instrument, in cash) then we may also be willing to purchase your guitar. If you are interested in selling us your guitar, please send an email to bigscottymusic@gmail.com. Include your name, city, state, guitar brand, make, model, serial number and a picture of the front and back of the instrument along with pictures of any damage to the instrument. If we determine that your guitar is something we'd be interested in, we will send you a quote. Pending receipt here in Seattle of your guitar, we will evaluate it more carefully and if it is as described, we will either mail you a cashier's check for the previously agreed upon amount, or contact you with a new offer, higher or lower, depending on the condition of the gear. In order to sell us your guitar, you must be in the Continental USA and at least 18 years of age..

Are the tutorials you offer free of charge?

Absolutely free of charge.

What is your business model?

This is more like a labor of love than a business. We do populate some affiliate links. If you click those links and buy a product or service we get a very small commission and the price you pay is in no way impacted. We also take 7% commission on all barter items, mostly to cover the cost of bookkeeping and related paperwork.

Are you looking for content contributors?

Sure. Always willing to have that conversation, but at the moment we have no budget to pay for such content.

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