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BigScottyMusic is a pass-time for me. I am BigScotty and if you met me in person, you'd understand the nickname. I am a big guy with a big love of music and especially guitar music.


For now, I am using this site to do personal guitar/gear reviews, pass on some industry news, and to offer a few, free, tutorials that are designed to help you learn guitar.

What Else


I also collect guitars and arrange for barter between people who want to trade collectibles. If you have a fine guitar you want to trade, email me using the contact form below.

Founder’s Notes 


Hi. I am BigScotty and I love music. I really love guitar music and for as long as I can remember, I've been a guitar player. I am not a virtuoso, but if you're a beginner, I know enough to help you find the joy in music that I have, so dig into the site and let me know what I can add to it to make it better. It's a work in progress. I am all ears.

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